Our surveillance operatives are highly experienced and many have backgrounds in law enforcement, the military and government and are accredited through ASIS, ISMI and The Security Institute giving our operatives the skills needed to covertly obtain intelligence to support any investigation. Our teams use the latest technical surveillance methods available combined with physical surveillance techniques and will use a targets own psychology against them in order to secure effective results in the quickest possible timeframe. 

All surveillance operations are conducted within guidelines set out by UK law including Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, the Data Protection Act and Human Rights Act as well as privacy legislation allowing them to become court admissible. This ensures that all activities are guaranteed to be legal and carried out with the highest levels of integrity. We provide:

Surveillance London
Surveillance UK
Surveillance Global

Our worldwide surveillance services are managed through our trusted local partners and we ensure that the intelligence is gathered legally within the varying global evidential and privacy laws.

TSCM/Bug Sweep

Our TSCM or ‘bug sweep’ teams use the latest technology combined with years of practical and technical experience to identify physical listening and monitoring devices in homes, offices and even vehicles. With a rise in domestic surveillance in the home our skilled teams can work around you, ensuring the minimum of disruption as they go about their task from examining a single meeting room, to the whole of a private residence or office complex.

Our work can ensure that you, your family and your business have total privacy wherever you are and that sensitive commercial or personal details remain behind closed doors.

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