Either known as private investigators or private detectives our London based investigations services operate both domestically within the UK and internationally and accredited through ASIS, ISMI and The Security Institute. Running a successful private investigation requires a tenacious and methodical approach as well as an understanding of the key issues facing our clients. The investigative process demands both skill and good judgment. Our  London based private investigators are recruited from both UK police forces and the military and are supported  by analysts, cyber forensic and forensic investigators who are experts at not missing anything, even the seemingly innocuous to formulate the correct conclusions to provide litigation support. We carry out domestic, cyber, corporate and legal investigations.

Our UK private investigators specialise in all forms of global criminal and civil investigations and work within the strict confines of the law, never compromising your integrity (or our own). However, you can be assured we will be committed to providing you with a timely, low cost and conclusive investigation results. Should law enforcement agencies need to be involved will also handle all police liaison and management of the material we have gathered allowing it to be court admissible.

With access to numerous investigative agencies around the world, and the World Association of Detectives (WAD), we are able to gather the evidence and intelligence required and establish the credentials and footprint of a person or an organisation.  We work with several of London’s top-tier legal practices offering legal and litigation support and all of our work can be used as evidence within a court of law.

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