Due Diligence – Background Checks

Due Diligence is an audit or investigation conducted against another party and can be carried out for the following reasons:

Legal due diligence
Tax due diligence
Operational due diligence
Intellectual property due diligence
Commercial due diligence
Human resources due diligence

Our global Due Diligences services provide our clients with the ability to access industry leading corporate intelligence and due diligence services whichever jurisdiction they are operating in. Our dedicated team of analysts accredited through ASIS, ISMI and The Security Institute utilise streamlined proprietary research methodology, enabling clients to undertake proportionate due diligence depending on the level of risk. Able to meet varying requirements of compliance teams in regard to vetting staff and employees, it draws upon a global network of in-country experts and trusted sources. 

Whether it is to gain an understanding of potential clients or employee screening, to assess the risk of a potential investment or to locate hidden assets for recovery, our due diligence services are adaptable to the clients goals and provide accurate and up to date assessments. We provide:

Due Diligence London
Due Diligence UK
Due Diligence Global

All recovered information can be invaluable as part of a legal strategy or to simply to help provide clarity and peace of mind in legal, commercial and personal dealings.

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