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Property Security Services

We advise, implement and manage the operational security requirements for a wide portfolio of properties around the world. We provide business and residential security risk assessments for luxury homeowners, their property developers and architects. We advise on cost saving security enhancements that add value to the property and create a reassuring atmosphere of safety in the home or at work by delivering effective but not imposing solutions.

Business Risk Assessments

Risk to a business comes from more than just break-ins. Our Business Risk Assessments look at everything from communications policy and reputation management to cyber security and online exposure, helping to mitigate threats to a business from any angle.

We undertake a wide-reaching survey to identify weak points and work with you to devise a plan based on the realistic threats we have identified and prioritised that meets your allocated budget. Our recommendation are all put together in an easily understandable report which is designed to achieve the balance of creating a secure workplace without you or your employees feeling claustrophobic from an exaggerated security presence.

Residential Risk Assessments

We survey client’s homes ranging from country estates and villas to town and city penthouses and apartments to help improve and upgrade existing security features. We will assign a personal account manager perfectly matched to your lifestyle and requirements who will conduct a survey and create a report making recommendations that both defines the risks facing the client along with measures to mitigate those same risks.  

All of our surveys are concise and easy to understand and has been designed to be read by the client. If clients request it, we can also liaise with our vetted and approved installers to help efficiently upgrade home security measures and manage installations.

Debugging TSCM

Our TSCM ‘bug sweep’ teams use the latest technology combined with years of technical experience to identify physical listening and monitoring devices in homes, offices and even vehicles. Our skilled teams can work around you, ensuring the minimum of disruption as they go about their task from examining a single meeting room, to the whole of a private residence or office complex.

Our work can ensure that you, your family and your business have total privacy wherever you are and that sensitive commercial or personal details remain behind closed doors.