Protective Services

We create personal security arrangements for our clients that are appropriate and discreet. Our services provide solutions which identify and mitigate risk.

Close Protection

Our carefully selected and highly trained Close Protection Officers will work with you to create a security solutions ensuring any threat to you and your family is mitigated in the office, at home and whilst travelling. We use psychological profiling to match the Officer to you, ensuring a more effective and productive relationship as you go about your daily life. We can also facilitate requests for specific languages, nationalities and even sporting preferences, ensuring peerless physical protection in any location from yachts to ski slopes.

For some of our clients, personal protection may feel too intrusive or unnecessary and as such we also offer protective surveillance, observing from a discreet but safe distance and utilising sophisticated equipment.

Security Teams

A residential security officer or team can be allocated to your home to militate against crime and intrusion in private properties.

We pride ourselves in having the capability to deploy multi lingual experienced Close Protection Officers and teams in a short time frame that can seamlessly enhance a properties security. We deploy intelligent, culturally aware men and women, whose pedigree and skill speaks for us.

Each of our Security Team members has Military, Police or Government backgrounds and have vast experience in operations internationally and within Europe. Each one is highly trained, qualified and fully licensed to ensure you receive the best protection available.

Security Managers

A Security Manager can add value to any busy family office, business or household by attending to safety and security of all family members, their guests and staff. If a dedicated security professional is not deemed necessary, a retained advisor can be allocated for any security related concerns that may arise.

Considered security advice ensures that the home and office are not compromised by poor security practice and that family and staff activities are not vulnerable to criminal activity, enabling a sense of safety.

Our Security Managers are flexible and experienced and have provided assistance in diverse industries ranging from productions sets to construction sites.