We create personal security arrangements for our clients that are appropriate and discreet. Our services provide solutions which identify and mitigate risk.


We undertake investigations and due diligence on behalf of our clients giving you the information you need, when you need it.


We advise, implement and manage the operational security requirements for a wide portfolio of properties around the world.

Why Blackstone Consultancy?

Blackstone Consultancy provides Private Clients and Businesses with effective, discreet and exceptionally vigilant security and investigative advice. Whilst London-based, our clients are located throughout Europe as well as far afield as Moscow, LA, Cape Town and Doha. We operate worldwide from capital cities to some of the world’s most notorious trouble spots. Our partnership with Gardaworld in March 2017, allows us to project our footprint globally, offering unique solutions others would struggle to provide. Our security services are centred on three distinct areas: Protect, Investigate and Property. For many of our clients, more than one of our fields of expertise is required.

We blend them into one seamless service with a single point of contact as we perfectly match our client to a specific account manager who is best suited to fulfil your needs

Introducing Blackstone Consultancy
a brief insight into our world
Our Approach

Our operational capability extends beyond the generic security concept incorporating personal safeguarding or personal protection, building safety, asset security, reputation protection and surveillance and investigations. Our formula has been carefully crafted to deliver virtually unbreachable levels of protection without imposing unnecessary security measures. We enable our clients to enjoy a sense of freedom without feeling they are being ‘watched’ but are reassured of their on-going safety.

Our directors personally conduct quality control checks and invite external auditing of all quality management processes under the International Standards of ISO 9001. We are constantly striving to enhance an already superior quality of service.

Who We Are

Simon Giddins

Managing Director

Rob Bates

Rob Bates

Director of Protective Services

Christopher Moses - Blackstone

Chris Moses

Director of Intelligence and Investigations


Gary Richmond

Protect SME

Thomas Tahany photo

Tom Tahany

Intelligence Analyst


Rufus Caldecott

Operations Analyst

Mike Davies

Mike Davies

Project Lead