Blackstone Consultancy are one of the formal partners of Crisis24: Powered by GardaWorld protective and specialist services. In an unpredictable world our Clients need to account for and improve the safety of their people, wherever they operate. We provide customizable yet, cost-effective travel security services to secure your people, facilitate your international operations, and uphold your legal/ duty of care responsibilities by offering a range of specialist services.


Risk analysis and reporting

We have over a decade of experience in delivering focused and in-depth intelligence-led projects across the world. Our intelligence-fused risk analysis service enables our clients to understand the political, regulatory and cultural challenges of operating in complex environments.

24/7 Alerts

We are able to push 24/7 alerts and intelligence reports to subscribers email accounts and mobile phones.

Global Traveler Tracking Services

In an ever-changing world the ability to track your staff anywhere in the world becomes more and more valuable. We offer a traveler-tracking tool to clients that allow travel itineraries, reservations, online registration and GPS data to be uploaded to our portal.

Training solutions

As a leading supplier of security training courses, we offer a range of specialist security curriculum that focus on reducing our clients’ exposure to risk and ensuring they are prepared to more safely operate in challenging environments.


24/7 Security Hotline

Incidents can occur at any time and can quickly turn into critical situations, our tracking and monitoring services are supported by our team 24/7 to:

  • Assist your personnel
  • Alert designated decision-makers within your organization and the local authorities
  • Activate emergency protocols
  • Help manage the incident before it becomes a crisis.

Emergency assistance and crisis management

The Crisis24 team is available 24/7 to provide a pro-active planning and to respond to a wide range of emergency situations including non-medical evacuations. Our services are specifically directed at providing ‘on-the-ground’ consultancy support as early as possible in order to secure your employees.

Crisis management and evacuation

Business executives, foreign leaders, and high-net worth individuals in today’s increasingly complex global business environment are exposed to targeting by groups looking for criminal gain, political advantage, or dedicated to terrorist causes. Our response solutions include Executive Protection, emergency assistance and evacuation to kidnap for ransom and extortion support.


GPS Tracking

When it comes to emergency matters, reliability is a key criteria. Crisis24 solutions have been deployed since 2005 all around the world. We provide two mobile options for tracking:

  • Crisis Messenger™ App
  • Military-grade GPS/ satellite tracker


Executive Protection

We recognize the challenges of providing a secure working environment – particularly when a client’s work sites are geographically dispersed. We have been providing Close Protection/ VIP/Executive Protection security solutions to clients throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa since 2003.