Business Risk Assessments

Our Business Risk Assessments look at everything from physical protection of buildings through reputation management to cyber security and online exposure, helping to mitigate threats to a business from every angle. We undertake a wide-reaching survey to identify business vulnerabilities and work with you to build a plan based on the realistic threats we have identified and prioritised that meets your allocated budget.

Risk to a business comes from more than just break-ins at the office. Offering Secured by Design approved products in line with The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) Loss Prevention Standards and adopting best practice for Home Office Crime Prevention and Crime Reduction is all part of the package we deliver.

Our recommendations are pulled together in an easily understandable report which is designed to achieve the balance of creating a secure workplace without you or your employees feeling claustrophobic from an exaggerated security presence.

We advise, implement and manage the operational security requirements for a wide portfolio of properties across the globe. We use Chartered Security Professionals to provide business risk assessments for luxury and listed buildings, and their property developers and architects, working with Secured by Design principles and engaging only trusted experts and subcontractors. We are a London based security consultancy but with a national and international reach and conduct risk assessments worldwide.

As Chartered Security Professionals we conduct Security Needs Assessments (SNAs) which produce an evidence-based assessment of the proposed site and neighbouring surroundings, we then develop sets of holistic security controls and recommendations for incorporation into the scheme, based upon any threats and risks identified. We employ Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) methodology to systematically analyse risk and can provide advice and expertise on increased risks relevant to businesses. Out status as Chartered Security Professionals allows us privileged access to Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI)  intelligence updates and the latest national and international threat pictures which allows us to better understand the threat faced by a client. 

Advice on making crowded spaces safer, working with Designing out Crime officers (DOCOs) and Counter Terrorism Security Advisors (CTSAs) from the police. Risk reduction in relation to these merging threats is a blend of physical (such as Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)), procedural (such as the staff vetting) as well as partnership with relevant interested parties. This is becoming increasingly important with the government’s aim to introduce Martins Law and the impending increased requirement for protection of the public and business accountability.

We advise on cost saving security enhancements that add value to the property and create a reassuring atmosphere of safety in the workplace and undertake BREEAM certified assessments for clients.

We recognise that many businesses do not have the resources to employ dedicated security managers and that if they do, these individuals or teams are frequently faced with substantial capacity constraints. We are able to provide short-term capacity and capability support for clients during periods of specific demand without needing to permanently increase the size of their security team.

As well as our accreditation as Chartered Security Professionals we have senior staff who are licensed by the International Security Management Institute (ISMI) as Certified Security Management Professionals (CSMP)  and by The American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) as Certified Protection Professionals (CPP) and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) as Chartered Managers (CMgr) as well as undergraduate and post graduate degrees and qualifications.

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