Blackstone Consultancy was created after managing director Simon Giddins had established himself in the private sector following an illustrious military career. The company was first conceived when Giddins was working as a security project director in the private sector during the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, when It became apparent that there was a huge need for private security at the highest levels. Inspired, he returned to the UK and Blackstone Consultancy was born.

Within less than 12-months, Giddins hunch was not just proved correct, but the consultancy was in such demand that he quickly expanded, recruiting operations director Rick Mounfield shortly after he retired from his military career. The pair soon developed a network of former military and law enforcement officers now working in the private sector as well as creating a strong investigative arm.

As new legislation will eventually come into force governing the auditing and activities of the private security sector to ensure they are operating according to strict guidelines, Blackstone Consultancy is at the forefront of implementing the measures, including obtaining ISO9001, way ahead of the deadline.

Why Us?

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