Investigation and Litigation Support

We undertake investigations and surveillance tasks on behalf of companies and individuals giving them the information they need, when they need it. With access to numerous investigative agencies around the world, we are able to quickly establish the credentials and footprint of a person or an organisation.  We work with several of London’s top-tier legal practices and all of our work can be used as evidence within a court of law.


Running a successful investigation requires a tenacious and methodical approach combined with the patience to sift through vast swathes of material to identifying pieces of evidence. The investigative process demands both skill and good judgment. Our analysts are experts at not missing anything, even the seemingly innocuous to formulate the correct conclusions.

We work within the strict confines of the law and will never compromise your integrity (or our own). However, you can be assured we will be committed to providing you with a timely and conclusive resolution. Should law enforcement agencies need to be involved will also handle all liaison and management of the material we have gathered allowing it to be court admissible.


Our surveillance operatives are highly experienced and many have backgrounds in law enforcement, the military or government giving our operatives the skills needed to obtain information and to deliver a speedy response to our clients. Our teams use the latest technology and even will use a targets own psychology against them in order to secure effective results in the quickest possible timeframe.

All surveillance operations are conducted within guidelines set out by law including the Data Protection Act and Human Rights Act as well as privacy legislation allowing them to become court admissible. This ensures that all activities are guaranteed to be legal and carried out with the highest levels of integrity.

Due Diligence

Whether it is to gain an understanding of potential clients, or to assess the risk of a potential investment, our due diligence services are adaptable to the clients goals and provide accurate and up to date assessments.

All recovered information can be invaluable as part of a legal strategy or to simply to help provide clarity and peace of mind in legal, commercial and personal dealings.